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his page is dedicated to the integration of various aspects of health and sustainable human development for the creation of the Quality of Wellness System in every area of life, based on synthesis of opportunities and synergy of people.

Institute of Psychosynthesis and its founder Ewa Danuta Bialek dedicated to wellbeing in all spheres of life, health regeneration and revitalization in all its aspects, based on a synthesis of the possibility of actions and synergy of people, creating system solutions for the Wellness. It enables both individual health and personal and spiritual human development, also family, community and the environment.

The purpose of this website is co-creation of space, which is open to SYNTHESIS and SYNERGY Partners in creating INTEGRATED WELLNESS MODEL as an alternative to care in illness. It is based on EDUCATION circles around the idea of WELLNESS. Its preparing GUIDANCE SYSTEM and QUALITY SYSTEM CERTIFICATION for WELLNESS BUSINESS.

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Dr. Danuta Ewa Bialek - founder and pioneer of the Institute of Psychosynthesis in Poland. Scientist with passion, Life Coach, Master Life Coach, Coach for Well Being, trainer of Psychosynthesis, author of 27 books and 150 scientific and popular papers, local and international lecturer

Psychosynthesis Institute in Warsaw is only one scientific and educational enterprise in Poland, dedicated SYNTHESIS and SYNERGY, creating a support system WELFARE (WELLNESS) and HARMONY (SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT), starting from the individual person, the family, the community, for the environment and the world ending. This leads both counseling / consultation workshops / trainings for companies and governments - for CREATING CHANGE, also for individuals as consultation, mentoring, coaching life, health and transpersonal. It also publishes BOOKS and GUIDES his Creator of self-education. These services can be found in Annex My Offer.
IP invites companies, local governments and scientific institutions to contribute to (co-creation) WELLNESS SYSTEM - an integrated model to support WELFARE / HEALTH in all its areas and levels. You'll find it in the tab Wellness System.


1.e-consultations. Contact me
2. individual consultations and coaches (SKYPE, personal, life, well being, transpersonal)
3. correspondence and stationary courses (for ordering)
4. books and educational materials (self-education books)
5. e-books and e-articles (after registration) in Polish and English (some)


Integrated Wellness System is a model solution as an alternative to the current disease care - to support WELL BEING and health and sustainable human development in all spheres of life and human activity for his self-actualization and self-realization. It enables individual, family, community, to create a holistic approach to health and well being (Wellness) for lifting individual and collective QUALITY OF LIFE.

WELLNESS is a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit, which is the result of feeling welfare. It is an active process of self-awareness and making CONSCIOUS CHOICES, leading to a more fruitful life and life success. It is building WELLNESS SYSTEM - moving from a focus on disease - to create HEALTH. Striving to live FULLNESS OF LIFE at the individual, family and community, WELLNESS SYSTEM is an open system to contribute, including WELLNESS PARTNERS, building an integrated model of welfare.
WELCOME to contribute and being the Avant-garde, CREATORS OF CHANGE in human life.

The Institute offers a system for integrating educational environments, preparing CONSULTANTS, ADVISERS system and the certification of WELLNESS SYSTEM QUALITY. This System includes all spheres of life of individual person, levels of health and well-being (body, mind and spirit), its functioning in the family and work (Soul Centered Business) and functioning in society for raising QUALITY OF LIFE.
It is directed both to individuals and to businesses of different industries (wellness, education, health, arts, sports and recreation, finance and funding, et al.), as well as local governments, NGOs, academia.
Input to the system is offering FREEMIUM MODEL, dedicated to the participation in the system, based on several stages.
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Assist people in discovering their full creative power and talents, and especially, their spiritual nature and capacity to implement it fully in their life, through self-education, thus leading to health and sustainable (balanced) development and give away their gifts and talents to the world for creating a healthy society and the world, a new civilization based on ethical values.
The Psychosynthesis Institute in Warsaw, Poland is the only scientific-educational enterprise, dedicated to SYNTHESIS and SYNERGY, creating a support system of WELLNESS BUSINESS and HARMONY (SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT), starting from the individual person, the family, the community, for the environment and the world creation. This leads both counseling / consultations, workshops / trainings for companies and governments - for CREATING CHANGE, also for individuals as consultations, mentoring, life, well being and transpersonal coaching. It also publishes BOOKS and SELF-GUIDES of its Creator for self-education. These services can be found in Annex My Offer.
IP invites companies, local governments and scientific institutions to contribute and co-create together of this WELLNESS SYSTEM – being an integrated model to support WELFARE / HEALTH in all its areas and levels. You'll find it in the annex Wellness System.

Insitute of Psychosynthesis in Warsaw is the first and foremost pioneer in psychosynthesis in Poland. After 10 years of the work to establish it, it has almost 150 publications/articles, books of its own (written by Ewa Bialek).

The Institute of Psychosynthesis is an institution of teaching, education (self-education) and scientific researches, fills a gap in education, focused on holistic human development and health, taking into consideration emotional and psychospiritual education and humanization of upbringing and teaching processes. It makes synthesis of universal rules of human development over culture divides, including tradition, sources, collective wisdom and development possibilities.

IP is supporting women 45+ in discovering their spiritual nature and implementing it into life through self-education, thus leading to health and sustainable (balanced) development. It helps especially to discover causes of many diseases of civilization (like as fibromyalgia, symptoms of constant fatigue, high blood preasure, RA and many more) and recovery.


I am leading:

  • Consultations and coaching for women - social spiritual entrepreneurs, visionary leaders
  • Individual consultations and coaching (health, life, transpersonal) for women in their transformational period
  • Individual consultations and coaching for women with physical health problems to find their roots and meaning of life
  • Individual consultations, humanistic advises - individual psychosynthesis for parents, teachers, medical and nursery staff, as a part of their personal and professional development
  • • Group courses
    • Correspondence courses /longlife-learning system
    • Trainings on a single theme - on special request
    • Educators Courses for Sustainable Development (stationary courses in harmony with established program - 1 day, 1 1/2 day, 2 1/2 days)
  • Qualified courses - psychosynthesis teachers (stationary)
  • Group consultations - managerial and organizational psychosynthesis (courses)
  • Qualified by mail courses including longlife-learning system
  • Master's works for students of pedagogy, nursery, sociology, psychology, gender studies, management etc.
    I ran ten undergraduate works in the field of Body & Fitness, and my graduate students wrote the diploma works, Masters and PhD from the standpoint of Psychosynthesis - in education, psychology, and sociology.



I am working with you as a catalyst to satisfy your needs of change and hunger for achieving and fulfilling your dreams. I facilitate your process of growing into bigger dimension beyond your wildest dreams. I inspire you to see new possibilities in your life and change perspectives to see yourself and the world as a pleasant place to live in. I inspire you to fulfill your life purpose, to find your special gifts and unique talents to express them and serve them to others. I show you the way how to live your life fully in all its dimensions and build your life work and relations which are satisfied, healhy and full of love.


A. Watching the wider problems of health (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) and the relationship with the environment and establishing objectives for the near future
B. assimilation techniques for working with each other, leading to cope with the emotional reactions as a cause of physical health problems and a return to equilibrium / health on all levels
C. learn the ways to observe the change, and effective enforcement
D. identifying ways to find motivation for own work-studied techniques, as a continuation of coaching between sessions, for a greater understanding of themselves and the reasons for the problems of health
E. to find the meaning of these experiences and learn new solutions and cope with change
F. to pay attention to arising exchange, to raise awareness of their perception (enhancing concentration and attention)
G. launch their own responsibility for your mood, emotions, coping with stress, anxiety (their influence on the effects / health / symptoms of discomfort)
H. Explain the problems for the understanding of health promotion by all means and find ways to cope with the challenges of life and help in delineating the way to do it.


A. Focus on self-updating (personal and professional growth), in support of their own power than to specific problems, or improper relationshipsto see direction in life (sustainable living, purpose, leading to proper carrier direction)

B. As a coach, working with the spiritual perspective of life and human development, my goal is to assist in maintaining a connection with the spiritual nature (Higher Self) to live a life centered on the soul. This is an interesting aspect of coaching, focused on what the client wants to achieve in life. This naturally leads to a deepening and broadening of its higher and deeper purpose, brightening the vision, core values in life and purpose in life.
Therefore, the aim of this type of coaching is to find the essence of each customer and appreciate yourself as a person and a spiritual being and to find his real place in the lives of others. Thus, this type of coaching is deepen into transpersonal one.


C. The principle of this coaching is in contact with "the sacred in themselves" (spiritual nature, the soul). As a coach I am aware of the individual process of growth of each person and trusting him. This principle enables the intentional ability to connect a client to his natural wisdom and find the answers within yourself which relate to the road and make sense of his experiences. This turns a deep respect and the ability to listen to what emerges in his life. It is like turning a Coach in the coming out and grasp its profound truth and internal sources, directing the establishment of specific, individual goal.
Coaching takes place in a different format. Usually they can be 30-minute sessions - and continue to 1 hour on the phone or SKYPE. The client is working between sessions of the established order, with the opportunity to communicate with the coach. Progress is measured at the next session. Communication between sessions can be done by e-mail, fax, or by a short phone calls. There is the possibility to participate in GROUP COACHING, organising teleclass or teleseminar. Thus, we can also work efficiently over long distances, regardless of the distance from the clients.

I am open to lead COACHING in POLISH and ENGLISH

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Almost all the books are in Polish, ready to be translated.There are now 42 books.

Almost all books are published in Polish. Only available in English 40 TRUTHS FROM MY INNER CHILD (go to Amazon (or STRENGHTENING RELATIONSHIPS (Advice from little Eve to adult Ewa) and FIBROMYALGIA. Is there any hope to recovery?

1.Healing fibromyalgiamind& body on amazon

2.40 truths from my inner child (go to amazon)

3.From illness to health: Finding pathways to healing

4.Psychosomatic, emotional and spiritual aspects of stress-related diseases (autoimmunoaggressive diseases)

5.Quantum man. Laying the foundations for an integrated approach to health and human development

6.Health education in practice. An integrated (holistic) approach to development and human health

7. Creators of change. Building social synergy to new quality of life in the world

8.Love has many names

9.Life has a meaning

10.New lyrics

11.Fairy tales for my granddaughter at her request

12.Parenting a child.towards health and harmony in yourself and the world

BOOKS FROM THE SERIES: EDUCATIONAL CHALLENGES - THE ART OF LIVING IN THE WORLD1. Education for health in the family, school and the world

  1. How to learn?

 2. Strenghtening relationships advice from little Eve to adult Ewa. the child is smarter than you think

3. Conscious parenting

4.School of life
5. Words as energy. Psychoenergy of the words
6. We are one big family

7. New approach to health by Ewa Bialek, Barbara Bialowas, Bogna Moszynska

8. Sustainable development of the child in the light of new challenges. (now is available as: Raising Child. In a direction of health and harmony in himself and the world)

9. .Psychosynthesis in education growing human self-awareness (now available as Psychosynthesis. Theory and practice. A bridge to integral psychology)

10.integrative education - alternative or necessity?


11. Where are you going, man? A model of education for the future

12.Therapy for children and youth: Methods and techniques of psycho-pedagogical assistanceed.By Iwona Dabrowska-Jablonska
The book, has 4 authors who present their approach to the treatment of children and adolescents. among them is a chapter by Ewa Bialek "The Psychosynthesis approach to the children and adolescents therapy".

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