Psychosynthesis and Gregory Bateson

Hereby I enclose an abstract of my article, submitted at the book The Challenge For Humanities of the Ecology of Mind: Gregory Bateson in Poland

Ewa Danuta Białek

 Psychosyntetic approach toward human development as a process of integration but also crossing biology: Gregory Bateson and his Mind and Nature. A necessary unity. What value to our thinking does Bateson bring?


The main message of the article is the need to change the system of thinking in the direction of exceeding biology. Gregory Bateson and his revolutionary combination of mind and nature, as well as return to subjectivity in science, laid the cornerstone for building a connector between man and nature. The background for presenting the views of Bateson has become the systemic approach to psychosynthesis (psychology with a soul), which integrates not only the intellect, emotions, imagination but also intuition, soul and spirit alike man and the Universe.

Considering the mindset of G. Bateson you can clearly see the ecological sensitivity and the need to save the world from destruction, an approach which nowadays is extremely relevant.

In the times we live today, over 30 years after Bateson, his views heralded “new”, exceeding the current boundaries of thinking in science. In previous days it was a milestone, but not yet fully articulated, promising “something” which he described as “the art for art”. Meanwhile, in thinking is necessary art, and not just information and knowledge as well as wisdom and insights that come with the right hemisphere of the brain – not just from the left – logical thinking. These are all necessary to note the connection in us – a man and nature and so the space Bateson was looking. He announced it, but unfortunately did not specify it. He left it to be articulated for his successors in a new era, in which we live just now, and which has already been announced and also determined by other researchers in his days.

In an era we live, we’re much further, articulating a new paradigm for science and its new philosophy that is both material and spiritual. This is what is about evolution, exceeding biology, which G. Bateson was the propagator of. The era of spirit, which is articulated at present, is integrating thinking what is from the matter and insight – what is from the spirit. It was announced by Bateson, although he did not go further, becoming at the level of logic, which he called – higher logic. However, man as holistic being, what Bateson tried to articulate, is not only rational, and so logical (which is the domain of men). We should find a link in the space that more women are living (synthetic, holistic, intuitive, imaginative).This is already happening now, a Bateson articulated a bridge to the next stage of evolution. Evolution is a constant process, focused on the development, holoarchic, both of what was and what is coming.

New times already articulate synthesis (and not only analysis, derived from logical mind) - psycho-synthesis, also articulate human development with age (psychosynthesis of the age of the man), as well as the evolutionary relationships with the entireUniverse. In this sense, Gregory Bateson is one of the thinkers who show the next stage of the evolution, which has no beginning and no end.

Cały artykuł został opublikowany w: Humanistyczne wyzwania ekologii umysłu: Gregory Bateson w Polsce/ The Challenge for Humanities: the Ecology of Mind. Gregory Bateson in Poland, edited by Monika Jaworska-Witkowska/Lech Witkowski. Fundacja na Rzecz Myślenia im. Barbary Skargi, Drukarnia Klimiuk, Warszawa, 2016